Heyy. Much appreciate you showing interest in WAT3R Talks. I'm Clarissa, the creator here. 
I shy away from subscribing to labels, but society prefers to box us all. Soo, here we are.
I'm a first-generation professional student. I come from a solid line of hardworking, southern folks where relationships matter most. Naturally, I strive for excellence in all that I do.
I'm an interdisciplinary creative with speciality in content writing. 
In a nutshell, I'm a philosopher, an advocate, a writer, and a music-lover. 
Check out more about what I'm doing these days, what I have done, and some of the collaborations I hold close to my heart.
What I'm Up To...
Doctoral Student, PhD Administration of Higher Education ​​​​​​​at Auburn University.
Graduate Assistant with the College of Liberal Arts at Auburn University.
​​​​​​​Freelance Creative specializing in content creation and marketing materials.​​​​​​​
What I'm Proud Of.
Bowling Green State University '14 
B.A. Telecommunications, Marketing minor.
Wright State University '17 
Educational Leadership, Student Affairs in Higher Education Administration
Admissions Specialist, Clark State Community College '18-19
Organizing Fellow, Ohio Organizing Collaborative 2018 
Enrollment Specialist, Antioch University Midwest '17-18
Graduate Area Coordinator + Interim Area Coordinator, Wittenberg University '16-17
Admissions and Recruitment, Communications Specialist, Bowling Green State University '12-14
Campus Event, May 2019: 
Catch The Mic! Collaboration with colleague and local organization to host Open Mic, Spoken Word, and honor Men of Clark State 2019 graduates with Kente stoles.

Conference Session, March 2019: 
Practices Disenfranchising and Marginalizing Students at Ohio Association for College Admissions Counseling & Guiding the Way to Inclusion Annual Conference. 
Collaboration with University of Dayton School Psychology professor highlighting practices disenfranchising and marginalizing students during the college admissions process.
Conference Session, Spring 2017: 
At Student Success Conference, shared tips on how-to use collective power to influence change on campus.
Campus Event (Research University), March 2016:
Power of Konnections at Wright State University 
Collaboration with 3 colleagues, coordinated networking event to connect 30 black faculty, staff, and students.
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